Results - The Lusaka Open (202200010)
Provided by FEI Solidarity

Competition date:
From : 20/05/2022
To : 22/05/2022
Organiser :
Lusaka Gymkhana Club (C00000004)
Status :


Status Position Prize Points Time (s) Start Athlete Athlete club Horse
Ranked 1 ZMW0.00 0.00 62.130 Nicholas Nicolle P0101 Leopards Hill Equestrian Cu Chullain Kechara H0037
Ranked 2 ZMW0.00 4.00 64.210 Nicholas Nicolle P0101 Leopards Hill Equestrian Ulasaba H0280
Ranked 3 ZMW0.00 8.00 72.370 Megan Lillie P0084 Leopards Hill Polo Crosse Club Branic Gregorian Charmer H0062
Withdrawn ZMW0.00 Ashley Watson P0152 Lusaka Gymkhana Club Noordhoek Player H0330
Withdrawn ZMW0.00 Sarah Van Blerk P0143 Lusaka Gymkhana Club Quizz Time H0325
Withdrawn ZMW0.00 Noa H Ben Zeev P0004 Lazy J Ranch Hidden Influence H0321
Withdrawn ZMW0.00 Sophia H Jacobsz P0286 Bridlewood Stables Secrets Told H0331
Withdrawn ZMW0.00 Lauren Cumings P0022 Leopards Hill Equestrian Battle Cry H0291
Withdrawn ZMW0.00 Emah Dakik P0026 Woodlands Riding Stables Trip of a Lifetime H0326